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Yupangco Electronics Corporation Introduces Its Newest Product Lines


As they celebrate their 20th Year, Yupangco Electronics Corporation (YEC) has added a new line-up of products in addition to its Professional Audio and Total System Solutions line-up -- KLOTZ Cables, STUDIOMASTER Professional Audio and CONEQ Audio Equalizers. Mr. Jose Mari L. Yupangco, President of Yupangco Electronics Corporation (YEC), is optimistic with these new products benefiting the professional audio industry.

Since 1979, the name KLOTZ has been synonymous with top quality, performance and innovation, among rental companies and users of professional sound systems and multimedia equipment not only in Germany but internationally as well. As a medium-sized enterprise with a high market profile in over 90 countries, KLOTZ possesses a level of flexibility and innovative power that is most unrivalled in the industry.  The KLOTZ brand has been a key partner of the music retail trade, supplying a complete range of cable-related products to over 1,500 specialist retailers worldwide.   

With 155 different types of cables and cable systems (including multicore systems, stage boxes and patchbays) for a wide range of applications such as for musical instruments, broadcasting and TV Stations, studio and stage equipment, KLOTZ a-i-s (Audio Interface Systems) develops an average of 8 to 10 new models per quarter. With modern logistics operations and a global profile, KLOTZ a-i-s Cables are highly sought-after partner for manufacturer’s in the audio, video and multimedia industries supplying over 1,200 specialist retailers worldwide.

Aside from Klotz Cables, YEC also launched another new product that answers all audio engineers’ dream, the STUDIOMASTER Professional Audio.  The STUDIOMASTER name has spanned more than three decades providing musicians and sound engineers the tools they need for a professional performance.  Being always the first with new innovations, STUDIOMASTER has wide array of professional audio products like Rack Mixers, Lightweight Powered Mixers, Professional Power Amplifiers, Entertainment Consoles, Active Monitors, Graphic Equalizers, among others. 

Producing exceptional sound, quality and reliability, STUDIOMASTER has been designed to give audio engineers fast access to great sounds and continuously strives for technical excellence and value for your money.  What has always set STUDIOMASTER apart from its competitors is its exceptional sound, quality and reliability whether in studios or in live performances.

Finally, CONEQ Audio Equalizers, developed 20 years ago by Latvian-based Real Sound Lab, which stands for CONvolution EQualization, is the simple, fast and reliable solution of correcting linear distortions of electro-acoustic devices like loudspeakers and microphones. The detailed equalizing technology of Coneq is based on the principle of evaluation of electro-acoustic transducer by its acoustic power frequency response (PFR).  When actually measured PFR of a system was “flattened” by use of Coneq, experts noticed that performance of the system has improved and no artificial effects added.

CONEQ is a technology to measure and correct loudspeakers.  With CONEQ, every loudspeaker sounds better – clear, natural and without attenuations – within the limits of its physical capabilities.  The CONEQ measurement technology is applied to make a precise measurement of how loud the loudspeaker reproduces tones of each frequency and to produce a respective correction filter.  On the other hand, the CONEQ realization technology is any of the software or hardware equalization tools supporting CONEQ in order to apply the generated correction filters for casino accept canadian players.


As part of YEC’s commitment of continuously providing solutions to correct the pressing concerns in the professional audio industry, extending its products and services is just one way of fulfilling this obligation to its valued customers from different industries -- wholesalers, installation companies, systems integrators, rental and event companies, and media companies in radio and TV broadcasting. KLOTZ Cables, STUDIOMASTER Professional Audio, and CONEQ Audio Equalizers are now available in all Yamaha Music Stores, Perfect Pitch Stores and its Main office Showroom at 339 Gil Puyat Avenue.  For further information about these new products, you may contact 899-9735, 899-9757 or visit www.yupangco.com.